Episode 27 – Darren Mar-Elia talks about Group Policy


A Podcast about Windows PowerShell.

In This Episode

We have an interview this week with noted group policy expert, Darren Mar-Elia.  And we have no news for you today, but a lot of resources, tips, and one-liners to ease your scripting pains.  And don't forget about Quest's excellent book giveaway offer.  Keep listening for details on that.


Interview sponsored by iTripoli.
Admin Script Editor provides a true integrated scripting environment for PowerShell.  Advanced features include an integrated PowerShell debugger, advanced code generating tools for Active Directory, Databases, XML files and more.  Let's not forget about the exclusive PowerShell forms designer. What's coming up? Soon its innovative and feature-rich ScriptPackger tool will offer support for the dynamic installation of cmdlets! Come see for yourself-- Admin Script Editor v3.5 is availble for a 45 day trial at AdminScriptEditor.com.
Be sure to listen to the show for the interview, it's a great one!


This segment is sponsored by our friends at Sapien.


The tips this week are brought to you by Quest Software.
For a limited time, Quest is offering Powerscripting Podcast listeners a free copy of Jeffery Hicks upcoming book, Managing Active Directory with Windows PowerShell: TFM from Sapien Press.
Go to www.quest.com/powerscripting to register for your copy and download their free graphical user interface, script editor and Active Directory commands.


# Find files not touched in the last month
dir | ? { $_.LastWriteTime -le ([datetime]::Now).AddDays(-30) } | rm -whatif
# From Keith Hill on the newsgroup, a quick replacement for the pslist.exe util from Sysinternals
Get-Process PowerShell | Select ProcessName -Expand Modules

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