Episode 29 – Exchange with Ilse Van Criekinge


A Podcast about Windows PowerShell.

In This Episode

  • Today we'll be speaking to noted Exchange MVP, trainer, and author Ilse van Criekinge.  Also on tap: news, resources, and a bunch of PowerShell tips for you.


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  • From the GPOGUY we get two new cmdlets get-SDMADTombstone and restore-SDMADTombstone - blog post: PowerShell Hits the Morgue
  • PowerShell sill be big at TechEd next week
  • Oisin has released a new Codeplex project he has been working on called PSMobile.  This is a PowerShell provider for your Windows Mobile phone.  Features include:
    • Copy, Move, Delete items between folders on your device (including Storage Card) with standard PowerShell Cmdlets
    • Move/Copy files to/from your device and your desktop with ConvertTo-WMFile and ConvertFrom-WMFile
    • Get device information and manipulate and explore the registry with a rich device object returned from Get-WMDevice


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On Skype with us today is Ilse van Criekinge.  Ilse is the founder of Pro-Exchange, a resource for Belgian Exchange professionals.  She is the co-author of "Exchange Server 2007 Messaging Design and Deployment Study Guide", and author of Exchange Management Shell: TFM.  She was given a Microsoft MVP award for her work in the Exchange Server community.  Ilse is currently a trainer at Global Knowledge where she teaches classes on Exchange and other MS products.

Here are some rough notes from the interview:



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  • Hal's struggle with untruncated strings
    • "ls | ft Mode, LastWriteTime, Length, FullName -auto |out-file test.txt -width 1000000"
      As long as you put -auto on the format-table, it doesn't space-pad the lines to the full width, so the file size is only as big as it needs to be to make the data fit in the columns

  • Working with type extensions
  • From Hal: PowerShell + VMware Script: Get-HostHealth.ps1
  • From the $cript Fanatic blog we learn that it's faster to select and then sort



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