Episode 28 – Jeffrey Snover talks about WinRM


A Podcast about Windows PowerShell.

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We have a great show for you guys today.  Several weeks back we had Jeffrey Snover on the show.  We had teased at the time that there was a third portion to the interview that deals with WinRM and WS-MGMT.  We're going to play that today for you.  Also on tap: news, resources, and a bunch of PowerShell tips for you.


The news is sponsored by Sapien Technologies.

  • BGShell now has a Codeplex page
  • Microsoft Forefront 2008 (code-named Stirling) looks to be built on PowerShell. Here's a blog post.
  • PowerShell Plus supports the new CTP2 STA feature
    • This is big because it allows for you to play with all of the new WPF stuff we'll be talking about later in the show.


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We hope you enjoy the Jeffrey Snover clip on Win-RM and WS-MGMT.




$a = (get-clipboard).split("`n").trim()

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