Episode 34 – VMware in the House


A Podcast about Windows PowerShell.
We have a great show lined up for you today.  We'll be talking to Carter Shanklin from VMware about their PowerShell Toolkit.  He's got some exciting NEW news to share with us, so that's cool.  We'll also bring you news, resources, tips and whatever else we can scrape up.


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  • PowerShellASP (powershelltoys.com) - PowerShellASP is an ASP-like template language for Web Applications; templates contain a mixture of markup (HTML, XML or whatever you want to generate) and inline PowerShell code. At runtime, templates/pages are fully translated to PowerShell code and exe
  • Codeplex project PowerShell Pages (codeplex.com/powershellpages)- PowerShell Pages is an ASP like language, based on the PowerShell runtime. Using a simple HTTP Handler, ASP.NET can render pages scripted using PowerShell script (including cmdlets, and CLR/.NET objects) to the web. Simple, fast and intuitive programming
  • VMware Toolkit 1.0 is out of beta!  (vmware.com/go/powershell)
    • 125 cmdlets
    • focus on VM lifecycle and ESX server deployment and configuration


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  1. Background
    1. long time developer in Unix-land
    2. VMware for 8 months
  2. Current Role
    1. Product Manager
  3. Solving Problems
    1. change CD drives on 1500 VMs
  4. VMware Toolkit for Windows
    1. Works on VMS 2.0
    2. Lab Manager, VDM -- future potential
    3. 125 cmdlets
    4. focus on ESX & VC
      1. side one: VM lifecycle
      2. side two: VM host deployment
    5. 1.0 released TODAY!
    6. download: http://vmware.com/go/powershell
    7. blog: http://blogs.vmware.com/vipowershell
    8. for help
      1. online docs
      2. community (link from download site)
  5. Discussion
    1. VM automation
      1. they are working on it, will use VIX
    2. Developers & PowerShell
      1. key is powershell is application focused
      2. scripts write like you think the task should work
    3. Excel automation
      1. great for general powershell -- not vmware specific
    4. v2 ctp module?



  • Jeffrey Snover reminds us to update your GAC!  This really speeds up the start time for a powershell console.
  • Enabling WinRM with Powershell / Get-Powershell - Don't forget you can use Configure-WSman.ps1 to configure WinRM using PowerShell.
  • you can get a much faster file count of a directory by doing a get-item on the parent folder and calling the getFiles() method. Thanks Jaykul!
    • measure-command {
      $folder = get-item '\servershare'
      Write-Host ($folder.getfiles()).count} # 524 Milliseconds
      Measure-Command {(gci '\servershare').count} # 1min 18 sec
    • note that getfiles() will not count any directories


  • out-host has a -Paging parameter


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