PowerScripting Podcast, now recorded live on UStream

Hi everyone. We recorded the upcoming Eposide 38 this past Thursday. We decided to try and stream it live on UStream and wonder of wonders, it worked great. Our success was due mostly to Jonathan and UStream. Hal had nothing to do with it.

Thanks to JPayleck, BrandonF, and Ye11owbeard who helped us test stuff.

So, if you want to get a sneak peek at the upcoming show, or want to chat and interact with us live on air, please drop by. We will be on our UStream channel every Thursday at 9PM EST.

We have updated our (heretofore unused) public calendar with this weekly event. You can find it these ways:

About Jonathan Walz

Since March 2007, Jonathan Walz has been the co-host and technical brains for the PowerScripting Podcast. Conceived as a radio show for the PowerShell community, the podcast is the longest-lived PowerShell show in existence, and has featured dozens of weekly guests.