Episode 39 – Alex Riedel talks PrimalScript


A Podcast about Windows PowerShell.

In This Episode

Today on the PowerScripting Podcast we will be speaking Alex Riedel, lead developer for PrimalScript at SAPIEN Technologies.  While he was on he gave away a bunch of great prizes to the people on Ustream (see what you missed?) We also have a contest for a copy of PrimalScript at the end of the show if you missed it live.


Today's interview is brought to you by Quest.
Do you have what it takes to be the ultimate script warrior? Find out with Quest’s PowerPack Challenge ’08.
Quest Software is sponsoring a PowerShell Scripting contest where you can test your skills and get paid. Just create some cool PowerShell scripts using Quest’s PowerGUI and then post them to our site. You’ll get a score and our celebrity judges will weigh in as well.

Do you have the muscle to bring home the prize? Check out the details here.


This segment is brought to you by iTripoli!

What can you really do with PowerShell?  With Admin Script Editor the question becomes what can't you do with PowerShell?  Besides all the advanced code generating tools this is the only tool offering a true PowerShell Forms Designer.  To illustrate what can be done the guys at iTripoli created a full-featured MP3/Podcast player written entirely in PowerShell and delivered as a single script.  Check it out at adminscripteditor.com/player.

We had a great talk with Alex Riedel, listen to the show to hear it!



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