Episode 40 – Poshboard part duex


A Podcast about Windows PowerShell.

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Today on the PowerScripting Podcast we have an awesome roundtable discussion with guests Jeffrey Snover, Keith Hill, Oisin Grehan, and Joel Bennett. We've also got news, tips, and some contest winners to announce.


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Do you have what it takes to be the ultimate script warrior? Find out with Quest’s PowerPack Challenge ’08.
Quest Software is sponsoring a PowerShell Scripting contest where you can test your skills and get paid. Just create some cool PowerShell scripts using Quest’s PowerGUI and then post them to our site. You’ll get a score and our celebrity judges will weigh in as well.
Do you have the muscle to bring home the prize? Check out the details here.
We had a great discussion with our guests Jeffrey Snover, Keith Hill, Oisin Grehan, and Joel Bennett.



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Stuart H. writes:

"My observation is that the show is not really about learning Powershell anymore is it? It's more a Powershell magazine now, with the interviews and prizes and all that jazz. When was the last time you reviewed a Powershell book? Holger Switzenbergers Powershell book came out and didn't get a mention... Not a complaint though!! I LOVE IT the way it is but I'd quite like more Powershell instructional stuff too."


  • Congratulations to Stefan D, he won a copy of PrimalScript Enterprise for guessing Alex Riedel's country of origin (Germany).
  • Congrats also to Robbie F.       


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