Episode 41 – Jeff Hicks "I am Ironman"


A Podcast about Windows PowerShell.


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Today on the PowerScripting Podcast we are interviewing Jeffrey Hicks from SAPIEN Technologies. We've also got news, resources, and tips!


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Questions for our guest:

  1. Been in IT for 17 yrs, deployment, AD, Exchange.
  2. Works for SAPIEN full time as a Scripting Guru
  3. PowerShell MVP
  4. Columns
    1. Mr. Roboto column for Redmond Mag (http://redmondmag.com)
    2. "Professor PowerShell" for MCP Mag.
    3. Realtime Publishers, "Practical PowerShell"
  5. Latest book: Managing Active Directory with PowerShell: TFM
    1. ADSI
    2. Quest cmdlets, SDM, PSCX
  6. glnsize : ##really quest over [adsi], did i hear that right
  7. rfoust : ## what's the coolest script you've written
  8. Pasdargent : ## What need did PowerShell immediately meet for you that VBScript lacked?
  9. gaurhoth : ## Do you personally prefer VBScript or Powershell at this point?
  10. glnsize : ##what is your "wish microsoft would do that" cmdlet
    1. Get-Beer!
  11. Kryten: The Sapien Powershell Online Training. How did he feel it went? Will there be more courses? How does he think it might be improved?
  12. Kryten: Will there be any possibility of training in Europe? Tell us more about these 'Boot Camps' they run.
  13. Kryten: What can we say to our employers to get them to buy this training?
  14. Kryten: Why not issue training certificates Eg Sapien Certified Powershell Scripter(!). Something that we can stick in out resume'
  15. trac3r726 : ## How much to they Cost?
    1. go to ScriptingOutpost.com or ScriptingTraining.com
  16. meson : ## Will they ever come to Atlanta?
  17. rfoust : ## is on-site training available?
  18. Kryten: Where are ppl going WRONG when they try to learn Powershell? What are the 5 biggest mistakes, or misconceptions that walk into his classroom?
  19. aleksandar : ## if jeff can improve something in quest cmdlets what would that be?
    1. They need infrastructure cmdlets. The cmdlets there are great, but there's nothing for creating sites, subnets, replication, etc.
  20. jpavleck : ## What is the huge difference between x86 and x64 snapins, and why aren't there any available for x64
  21. rfoust : ## whats the best way to handle script revision management in a large environment?  subversion?
    1. source control
    2. PrimalScript does support VSS, SVN and others
  22. jpavleck : ## How do you figure out if you should be using a vbscript, posh or a C# app - especially when it comes to going overboard with a posh script
    1. JH: very good question, will be future blog post
    2. vbscript: end user related, login scripts, configuring user's desktop
    3. powershell: managing server, services, resources, disks
    4. compiled: run something as a service
  23. rfoust : ## how to determine when to write a script or a function?
  24. meson : ## Do you have problems with wanting to write scripts for CTP2 but having to write version 1 scripts for the masses?
  25. aleksandar : ## name the chapter in the latest book that has given you the hardest time
    1. AD permissions are HARD
    2. Group Policy chapter was time consuming and tedious
  26. DManVid : ##  (Get-QADUser <name>).MemberOf  does not list the Primary Group of the user
  27. jpavleck : ## Don't suppose the book has anything about System Center Operations Manager in it, hrm?
  28. meson : ## what application (ie robocopy) would you like to see as a cmdlet?
    1. netsh.exe
    2. DNS, DHCP
    3. (hal) 2008 new cmds
  29. rfoust : ## what blogs and forums do you read on a daily

    1. (get his blogroll url)
  30. meson : ## So what new Sapien books are being written?
  31. When will your book be available?
    1. By the time you hear this podcast!
  32. Pasdargent : ## What PowerShell cmdlet or script could you not live without (day to day)?
    1. Get-Member
    2. Get-WMIObject
  33. What superhero are you most like?
  34. Where to find Jeff:
    1. twitter.com/jeffhicks
    2. blog.sapien.com
    3. scriptinganswers.com forums

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