Episode 42 – with Greg Shields


A Podcast about Windows PowerShell.

In This Episode

Today on the PowerScripting Podcast we are interviewing the author, speaker and IT Pro Greg Shields. We've also got news, resources, and tips! Also, we are going to give away two Sapien Press books. Be sure to listen till the end to hear how to win!


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Greg Shields joins us from http://concentratedtechnology.com Don Jones was also scheduled to join us but was not able to attend so the interview ended up being more of a Server 2008 and Terminal Services interview than a PowerShell interview but it is great stuff anyway.
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Cmdlet of the Week

Our cmdlet this week is Stop-Process.


Two of you can win your choice of books from SAPIEN Press. To win, you need to write a review of our podcast. The review must be at least a full paragraph, no "<3" entries please 🙂  .  We would prefer for you to post the review in iTunes because we get a lot of traffic that way, but if you don't use iTunes, that's ok.  You can post your review on PodcastAlley or any other forum or your own blog.
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