Episode 43 – Brandon Shell is back to talk AD


A Podcast about Windows PowerShell.

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Today on the PowerScripting Podcast we talk to Brandon Shell, PowerShell MVP and great thinker. We've also got news, resources, and tips! Also, we are going to give away two Sapien Press books. Be sure to listen till the end to hear how to win!


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  1. rfoust : ## why don't you hang out in #powershell anymore???
  2. stuwee-3 : ## what about running scripts under different credentials?
  3. Kemis : ## I want to secure AD so my Domain Users can't see other user's names
  4. rfoust : ## still looking for a good "sudo" replacement for windows. Any ideas?
  5. rfoust : ## what's the latest powershell script/project you've worked on?
  6. ##  not a question but thank's for the replication latency script!  
  7. glnsize : ## what permisions are required to conduct these tests?
  8. rfoust : ## how much is posh used where you work?  Are other admins catching on?
  9. seaJhawk : ## what tools do you use when you're writing scripts
  10. Kemis : ## As an admin, how would I go about getting started writing my own cmdlets?
  11. rfoust : ## best poweshell book you've read?
  12. glnsize : ## which 3rd party has done the best job integrating powershell
  13. ustreamer-39627 : Sorry for the noob lesson. What exactly is a cmdlet? is that just a customscript which is complied into a "cmdlet" so it can just be called by typing the scriptname? 
  14. glnsize : ## my env is small enough to use quest, but I still use ADSI b/c of 3rd party dependancy... Am I an idiot?
  15.  rfoust : ## what do the unix admins think about posh
  16. rfoust : ## how would you explain to other admins what "object oriented" means
  17. glnsize : ## what superhero are you
  18.  rfoust : ## have you used powershell with web services much?
  19. seaJhawk : ## do you plan to keep writing cmdlets when you can use script cmdlets?
  20. Kemis : ## I work for a college where the CIS dept. chair never heard of PowerShell till I called her to ask if they have any plans to teach it soon.  How long do you think it'll take before colleges begin to include Powershell as a course?
  21. ustreamer-7480 : ## How do you organize your scripts?
  22. rfoust : ## what hardware vendor would you like to see powershell support for?  cisco? or something else?

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