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Episode 44

(recording tonight on ustream, airing 10/6)

Interview with Tobias Weltner of, author of PowershellPlus. (this was pre-recorded 9/21)

Episode 45

(recording 10/9, airing 10/13)

Roundtable discussion with Jeffrey Snover, Kirk Munro, Don Jones, and Alex Reidel. Topics will include:

  1. A Thousand Things 1% Better
  2. What's most important for a posh newbie to learn?
  3. Script vs. Shell
  4. Coolest use of PowerShell that you've seen--and what's to come.
  5. What third-party software is missing?
  6. Is PowerShell useful for <insert concept here>?
    1. e.g. cloud computing

And of course each episode will have our usual complement of news, tips, and resources.

If you guys have topics you want to see us cover on the roundtable, please let us know via email or leaving comments on this post.  Thanks!

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