Episode 45 – Rockin' Roundtable


A Podcast about Windows PowerShell.

In This Episode

Today we have a rockin' roundtable which includes:

  • Jeffrey Snover
  • Don Jones
  • Alex Riedel
  • Kirk Munro

And of course we'll throw in our other usual goodies.


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What can you really do with PowerShell?  With Admin Script Editor the question becomes what can't you do with PowerShell?  Besides all the advanced code generating tools this is the only tool offering a true PowerShell Forms Designer.  To illustrate what can be done the guys at iTripoli created a full-featured MP3/Podcast player written entirely in PowerShell and delivered as a single script.  Check it out at adminscripteditor.com/player.


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  1. A Thousand Things 1% Better
  2. What's most important for a posh newbie to learn?
  3. JeffHicks : ## What do you see as the biggest obstacles to PowerShell adoption?
  4. "PowerShell isn't complete?"
    1. <Jay> no admin worth his salt is going to go through and update hundreds of servers with yet another thing to patch, another to mantain, another security to worry about, reboots, touching things, etc, just to be able to run a non complete technology that they haven't learned yet because it is a pain in the ass, and oh, it's not complete
    2. cartershanklin : ## Jeffrey, do you think user adoption of PS is faster or slower than you anticipated?
  5. Script vs. Shell
  6. Coolest use of PowerShell that you've seen--and what's to come.
  7. What third-party software is missing?
  8. Is PowerShell useful for <insert concept here>?
    1. e.g. cloud computing
Ustream Questions
  1. rfoust : ## what is the easiest way for non-developers to find .net methods to work with in powershell?  searching msdn is a pain
  2. JeffHicks : ## Where will PowerShell be in 3-5 years?
  3. JeffHicks : ## What will MS take responsiblity for in PowerShell and what do they expect 3rd parties to support or add?
  4. rfoust : ## whats a good bridge for scripters wanting to convert scripts into real c# compiled cmdlets
  5. rfoust : ## do you see cmdlet naming conflicts becoming a problem in the future?  not the namespace but the actual cmdlet name
  6. rfoust : ## do you see scripts running as a service anytime in the future?
  7. cartershanklin : ## script scheduling, same question.
  8. ye110wbeard : ## Can Powershell be used to email backup logs made in W2K8 Server backup?
  9. rfoust : ## is microsoft helping Pash devlopment any?
  10. JeffHicks : ## Is MS promoting PowerShell at the management level in orgs or letting it bubble up from the admins?
  11. makson : ## is there a cmdlet for powershell that is equivelent to sed in bash?


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From Stephen Campbell:

Open a cmd prompt on a Win2003 server and type the following:
mkdir c:test1
net share test1=c:test1 /grant:everyone,full
Now type the name commands in Powershell
new-item c:test2 -type directory
net share test2=c:test2 /grant:everyone,full
When I do the net share command in Powershell, the /Grant returns a syntax error.  Until I remembered about the comma!!  The following works great.

net share test2=c:test2 /grant:everyone`,full

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