Episode 47 – MVP Systems JAMS


A Podcast about Windows PowerShell.

In This Episode

Today on the PowerScripting Podcast we have MVP Systems in the house to talk about JAMS.  And we have a TON of news from PDC to report!



Here are a few questions which were asked by our wonderful Ustream audience:


  • meson : ## What is the cost of the product or what is the customer base small/middle/enterprise/etc?
  • http://www.mvpsi.com
  • glnsize : ##are these task's or is there an agent
  • trac3r726 : ## Any Reporting with charts for Management?
  • glnsize : ## soon to be psremoting/wsman?
  • ## any way to send jobs to run on server core, perhaps for speed/reliability?


  • rfoust : ## how does saasmonitor scale?
  • rfoust : ## can it integrate w/ existing monitoring for a central dashboard?
  • rfoust : ## can you do user-experience monitoring, like adding a jmeter script or something?


  • 10 Cool Things to do with the Powershell (12 min video) This demo shows some of the neat things you can do with PowerShell with regards to server administration. There are 10 demos you can run through ranging from simple queries for services to enumerating information in Active Directory. Some of the scripts use lists of computers, some prompt for a computername. Each script shows a different thing you can do with PowerShell to quickly create administration scripts.
  • Precision Computing - Introduction to PowerShell Presentation
  • PowerShell Code Repository - Compare-AD A set of functions (and sample code using them) to create snapshots of user accounts in the current Active Directory domain save them in an xml file, and then compare live AD environment against that XML
  • VMware: VI Toolkit (for Windows): Not Another Suite of Scripts!
  • PoshRSS -is a web application for creating RSS feeds from PowerShell. The output of any PowerShell command/script is displayed as an RSS feed. The primary goal of PoshRSS is to provide system administrations the ability to leverage PowerShell + RSS to aggregate system information across many systems.


Don't forget our challenge from last week. If you submit a solution, we'll feature it on the show and the website, and you'll get a little something for your trouble. 🙂 Here is the email from Dale which we forgot to put in last week's show notes:
"While trying to find a solution to a problem that popped up at work, I stumbled upon an open-source dotnet object-oriented database called Db4o. It is intended to be used as an embedded database in programs where some persistent storage is needed, but instead of storing data in related tables, it stores objects.
I've tried to access the functions via reflection, but I am just learning Powershell and I don't know if this is the right technique.  I haven't gotten very far.
I was wondering if you or someone else who listens to the show could take a look at it, and see if it can be useful as an object store in powershell scripts."

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