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A Podcast about Windows PowerShell.

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Today on the PowerScripting Podcast we interview Ed Wilson, author of Windows PowerShell Step-by-Step and new Technet Scripting Guy. And as usual we've also got news, tips, resources and more.


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Today's interview is with Ed Wilson, a senior consultant at Microsoft Corporation and a well-known scripting expert. He is a Microsoft Certified Trainer who delivers a popular Windows PowerShell workshop to Microsoft Premier customers worldwide. He has written eight fourteen books including several on Windows scripting: Windows PowerShell Scripting Guide,Microsoft Windows PowerShell Step by Step, and Microsoft VBScript Step by Step, all published by Microsoft Press. He has also contributed to almost a dozen other books and is currently working on a PowerShell best practices book.

  • Written 14 books
  • His favorites:
    • Windows PowerShell Scripting Guide
    • Network monitoring & analysis
  • JeffHicks : ## What is your next book going to be on?
    • PowerShell 2.0 step-by-step
  • glnsize : ## why not all... what wouldn't you do in powershell
    • WinPE
  • JeffHicks : ##How much writing can you get done in a week?
  • Who is Craig?
    • Scripting Guys editor
  • JeffHicks : ## What's your elevator speech to mgmt about the importance of automation and scripting?
    • allows you to be more successful with a smaller number of people
  • What's coming in the Scripting Center?
    • Friday Quick Hits
    • Series of Excel automation articles
    • "AD week"
    • Perf monitoring
  • ## (mow) any plans yet for scripting games 2009 ?
  • The 3000 email backlog:
    • bsonposh : ## Can I help with the emails?
    • glnsize : ## so mows the unofficial powershell scripting guy.. any plans to make that officiial
    • meson : ## what about calling for guest posts to answer some of the questions?
    • sepeck-1 : # what about starting forum topics on the scripting site that more people could try and answer?
  • Vbscript and PowerShell
    • JeffHicks : ##When do you think VBScript will disappear?
    • sepeck-1 : ## Have the scripting center examples gotten better?
    • meson : ## Has the scripting guys approach gone from a vbscript to powershell mentality to a powershell native mentality?
  • JeffHicks : ## The  script center used to offer script content as a CHM file. Any plans for a new version?
  • JeffHicks : ## or make it searchable ala PoshCode?
  • meson : ## What about links to community resources on the technet site.
  • Are .net forms in Posh the next HTA?
  • Links:


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"Hi Jonathan & Hal,
I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say how great the Powerscripting Podcast is. I'm a SysAdmin/Engineer and a confident VB scripter, and have been trying to get round to learning PowerShell properly for over a year, but never seem to have time! A colleague told me about your podcast and I've been listening in the car driving to and from work every day. I'm only up to episode 8 so far but it's proving to be a great way to supplement my learning without having to interrupt the day job - keep up the good work!
Also to let you know about a script I wrote today that you may find useful - it adds "Execute in PowerShell" options to .ps1 files' context menu so that it's easy to right-click and run a PowerShell script direct from Windows Explorer. It may be that someone else has already done this but I couldn't find anything with a bit of a Google... You can find the script at http://www.poshcode.org/664.
Thanks again and all the best.


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