PowerScripting Podcast at TechEd EMEA

This is very cool! Remote correspondent for PowerShellCommunity.org and and fellow PowerShell podcaster Jonathan Medd twittered from TechEd EMEA this morning:

Jeffrey is playing the Powerscripting podcast in the Powershell player made with the admin script editor!

Thanks, Jeffrey! And thanks as well to iTripoli, a long-time sponsor of the show, for making such a cool tool. 🙂

We’ll be highlighting other things from TechEd at our next episode, but while we have you here, be sure not to miss Episode 4 of the Get-Scripting Podcast. They scored a great panel discussion attended by:

  • Ben Pearce – Microsoft
  • Richard Siddaway – Powershell MVP
  • Dmitry Sotnikov – Powershell MVP
  • James O’Neill – Microsoft
  • Tobias Weltner – Powershell MVP
  • Jeffrey Snover – Microsoft and Powershell Creator
  • Mow – Powershell MVP

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Since March 2007, Jonathan Walz has been the co-host and technical brains for the PowerScripting Podcast. Conceived as a radio show for the PowerShell community, the podcast is the longest-lived PowerShell show in existence, and has featured dozens of weekly guests.