Episode 53 – Jeffrey Snover and Bruce Payette!


A Podcast about Windows PowerShell.

In This Episode

We have a great "CTP3 show" lined up for you today. Our special guests are Jeffrey Snover and Bruce Payette from Microsoft.

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  • Questions for Jeffrey and Bruce from USteam

  • rfoust : ## what is the biggest design problem you see w/ powershell right now
  • glnsize : ## why was the decision made to wed V2 to w7 w2k8 r2?
  • xx JeffHicks : ##what can you tell mgmt who is reluctant to embrace PowerShell
  • xx finked : ## how did you win over the nay sayers?
  • xx rfoust : ## it has been said that posh wasnt meant to replace cmd. So when is cmd going to go away? 🙂
  • qa_warrior : # will there be a way to copy a runspace?
  • xx spowser : ## Will a runspace/session ever be able to interact with the desktop on a remote system?
  • cartershanklin : ## When do we get ArgumentTransformationAttributes in script cmdlets?
  • xx gaurhoth : ## scvmm 2008 and scom 2007 both require Powershell V1. CTP2 fails the install requirements and fails to install. When V2 is released, what's being done to ensure that other product groups don't artificially limit their product to V1?
  • xx aleksandar : ## how big is the powershell team?
  • xx rfoust : ## how close does the posh team work w/ the .net team, or are you mostly just a consumer?
  • Jaykul : ## Is there any plan to support writing CLASSES in PowerSHell?
  • meson : ## Will PowerShell ever be multithreaded?
  • Kemis : ## Any plans to expand upon Set-ACL so it's more on par with CACLS?
  • xx steve-PSB : ##In Jeffrey's recent channel 9 interview, he referred to pushing for PowerShell to be the standard shell on various systems, including Linux and hardware devices... Are there other major efforts (other than Pash) to get PowerShell on other platforms?
  • xx Jaykul : ## What about Extension Methods and LINQ?
  • xx Jaykul : halr9000: .Net 3.5 brought us language integrated queries as an AMAZING way of dealing with collections of all types, and databases ... when will PowerShell suport LINQ
  • xx Jaykul : ## halr9000: AND: in 3.5 there are a lot of "ExtensionMethods" which show up as .Methods on various objects ... is there going to be a way to access those (other than via their STATIC notation) in PowerShell
  • xx palen : ## What kind of relationship does pash have with the PS team?
  • xx rfoust : ## jsnover: when ya gonna start using twitter?
  • xx sepeck : ## do you ever get people who, once exposed to powershell for a week or two, who still don't like it?
  • xx Jaykul : ## Any chance of an (official) wPowerShell.exe (like wscript.exe) to run scripts which don't need console ui?
  • xx aleksandar : ## on behalf of Marco Shaw: v2 is pretty much stabilizing.  Is COM support going to stay as-is or will be improved at some point (v3)?
  • aleksandar : ## another Marco Shaw's Q: Anything on possible v3 features?  More support for transactions, for example?
  • jon_medd : ## do they approach third parties and encourage them to make cmdlets or wait for the third parties to ask them stuff?
  • xx ChadMiller : ## I understand Jeffrery was an architect on wmic. How did his wmic experience influence Powershell
  • xx jeffhicks: ##can CTP3 be installed on Windows 7 betas?
  • xx palen : ## Is navigating the registry going to be changing at all?  Get-ItemProperty just is not intuitive, I don't think
  • aleksandar : ## is it possible to assign -whatif output to a variable (or save it in a file) other than with start-transcript
  • rfoust : ## is the registry ever going away or upgraded? lol probably not a question you can answer, but who knows
  • xx sepeck : ## will the remoting work on windows 2003?
  • xx cartershanklin : ## Jeffrey, where do you buy your ties?
  • xx glnsize : ## what if anything has been done to improve the provider experiance?
  • xx steve-PSB : #Are there any other books focused at developing for PowerShell (more advanced than the existing Wrox title) that you are aware of?
  • dmoravec : ## Are you in touch with Script Center to help them to be more PoSh
  • xx rfoust : ## what problem are you annoyed that you weren't able to address in posh v2
  • xx spowser : ## Is there any reason why a runspace cannot interact with the desktop?  Critical for our Automation
  • xx aleksandar : ##  for bruce: when can we expect powershell in action 2.0?implementation
  • xx finked : ## What about Add_Type -Language FSharp
  • finked : ## I work for investment banks in NY.Pushing an msi for PoSh to Traders machines doesn't fly well.How can this be made easier?
  • foust : ## are you working on posh v3 yet?
  • palen : ## Did I hear in the Erik Meijer interview that there will be a version of Posh that is deployable via IIS?
  • xx hal: do you worry about cmdlet-bloat?
  • JeffHicks : ##is a roadmap or can one be published?
  • xx JeffHicks : we need netsh cmdlets
  • xx finked : ## What about PioSh with Live Mesh and Oslo?
  • xx aleksandar : ## have you ever expected such a passionate response from the community?
  • xx glnsize : ## will powershell and wsman eventualy be released via windows update... i.e.  next year or so
  • DManVid : ## superhero for the 'new guy'!

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