Episode 55 – Jeff Hicks in for Hal and an interview with James Brundage


A Podcast about Windows PowerShell.

In This Episode

This episode features PowerShell MVP, author, and scripting guru Jeff Hicks as a guest co-host and an excellent, information pack interview with PowerShell Quality Expert James Brundage.


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What can you really do with PowerShell?  With Admin Script Editor the question becomes what can't you do with PowerShell?  Besides all the advanced code generating tools this is the only tool offering a true PowerShell Forms Desiginer.  To illustrate what can be done the guys at iTripoli created a full-featured MP3/Podcast player written entirely in PowerShell and delivered as a single script.  Check it out at adminscripteditor.com/player.

  • James, tell us a bit about yourself, where you come from and how you ended up on the PowerShell team?
  • What is a typical day like for you?
  • I see you part of a PowerShell script club.  How is that working out? What can you tell us about it?
  • Being involved with testing and QA there must be times when you get to be a thorn in the sides of Jeffrey Snover, Bruce Payette and the rest.  Deep down, secretly, doesn't that feel good?  But seriously, what is it like to work with them?
  • I know you've developed a lot of testing tools for PowerShell, you've even shown them to me. Any chance some of them will be released to the community?
  • Do you have any performance or benchmarking scripts that you can publish?
  • James's personal blog


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  • Use PowerShell's transcript feature to assist in learning PowerShell. Put Start-Transcript into your profile to start recording your entire PowerShell session. A great way to review your work, especially when trying to learn PowerShell from the beginning.
  • Increase your Powershell history buffer by setting $MaximumHistoryCount to a value higher than 64. You may also want to change the command buffer in the window settings to match.


(dir $env:temp -r | measure-object length -sum).sum /1MB

Here is a PowerShell script to clean up your temp directory

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