Tomorrow on PowerScripting Live – James Brundage


James Brundage has been on the PowerShell team since February 2007 as a software tester.   During the time on the PowerShell Test Team, James has tested large portions of the C# engine APIs, the Add-Type cmdlet, and he has explored the interaction between WPF and PowerShell.  Prior to working on the PowerShell team, he worked on the Task Scheduler team and the WMI team during Windows Vista.  Prior to working at Microsoft, James built a scriptable UI builder for video applications called the Motion Video System, which was used to produce a couple of video mixing applications (Trigger and Mix) as well as a digital advertising platform (BrandAlone).  He has been programming for 19 years and has also worked as a network administrator at Kent State University, as a Film critic for, and has done promotions and atmospherics (lighting and video) for nightclubs and concerts.

We’ll see you on the Ustream!

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