Tonight on the PowerScripting Podcast


Tonight on the show we’re interviewing James Kovacs. 

James Kovacs is an independent architect, developer, trainer, and jack-of-all-trades specializing in agile development using the .NET Framework. He is passionate about helping developers create flexible software using test-driven development (TDD), unit testing, object-relational mapping, dependency injection, refactoring, continuous integration, and related techniques. He assists clients in building smart clients, web applications, web services, and even full-fledged servers using the .NET Framework and Microsoft server technologies.
You can listen to him and his fellow plumbers, John and Bil on their podcast, Plumbers at Work - - which is syndicated by MSDN Canada Community Radio. He is a frequent speaker at user groups and events. He published an article on memory leaks in managed code in MSDN Magazine (
James is a Microsoft MVP - Solutions Architect and card-carrying member of ALT.NET - a group of software professionals continually looking for more effective ways to develop applications.. He holds a variety of designations, including MCP, MCAD, MCSD, and MCT. He received his Bachelors degree from the University of Toronto and his Masters degree from Harvard University.

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