Episode 57 – Carter Shanklin and the VI Toolkit


A Podcast about Windows PowerShell.

In This Episode

Tonight on the PowerScripting Podcast Carter Shanklin from VMWare joins us to talk about the new version of the VI toolkit for PowerShell.


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New stuff:

  1. buncha new cmdlets
  2. invoke-vmscript, remoting into VMs


meson : ## So what about a XenServer PowerShell book? 😉
rfoust : ## what is the best way to get started with the vi toolkit - is there a "getting started" guide?
jeffculb-1 : ## Why aren't the release notes for the vitoolkit accessible from the download page

palen : ## Is 1.5 developed with PoSh v2 in mind, or is it still largely targetted at v1?
rfoust : ## are there any limitations in this version or is all of the api stuff available through cmdlets?
bsonposh : ## make vmotion easier
jon_medd : ## can Carter tell us about the new command that lets you run powershell code into vm guests?
rfoust : ## does vmware provide an opsmgr mp? if not, why?
meson : ## Does the toolkit allow you to manage DPM?
jeffculb-1 : ## Will there be more videos upcoming demonstrating new commandlets
meson : ## Any chance of allowing V2 remoting through VMWare?
Pasdargent : ## When running one of these scripts into the VM, does it show the shell on the VM server or is it completely "behind the scenes" to anyone on that box?
Pasdargent : This is probably too newbie a question but is the remoting traffic secure?
glnsize : ## does the explosion of powershell in vmworld, and it's presence at the virtual congress surprise you?
glnsize : ## why must i include host credentials the guest i get but if im auth through VC
Pasdargent : ## Will it pass throough your logged on credentials or do you HAVE to send creds?
Jaykul : ## So, is there a way to Invoke-VMScript from, say, 'nix?
Jaykul : ## And, do you get results back? (sync? async?)
meson : ## Is there anything that any PowerShell toolkits can't do?
bmichel7150 : ## Is it possible to pipe in multiple text files as variables, i.e., 1 text file with VM names and 2 text files with username and password, kind of like arrays in PS?
jon_medd : ## what's it like being a product manager for a windows based product in a company that doesn't always have the most friendly relationship with microsoft?
glnsize : ## do you oversee all the toolkits?
Pasdargent : ## Aside from PowerShell installed on your guest OS, what else has to be installed or opened to use invoke command?
A) Needs 3.5 U2 or higher
meson : ## can you interact with the host or VMFS partitions within POwerSHell
meson : ## Can I get rid of the VC Client is a good way to ask the question.
palen : ## Have any of the new cmdlets in v1.5 originate from the VI Toolkit community extensions?
bmichel7150 : ## Can the VI Toolkit talk into the ESX services themselves, I.E, a script to restart mgmt-vmware service?
jon_medd : ## will hal update his book for 1.5? i know he is not very busy 🙂
glnsize : ## what corner of the API are you looking at next, or at this point is it all fit and finish
jeffculb-1 : ## is version specific info referenced in the help for the commandlets
glnsize : ## what does the release cycle for the toolkit look like only major revs, or will you release as you go?
aleksandar : ## could carter say something about his experience with running ThinApped PowerShell?
Pasdargent : ## Are there plans to monetize the VI Toolkit or are you determined for this to be free indefinitely?



Write-Host -ForegroundColor Yellow "Modules loaded: $(get-module)"


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