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“I started at F5 in 1998 at about 20 employees and am now #3 in tenure mark with roughly 1700.  I started out in Product Development as a Senior Software Engineer for our core BIG-IP product. I later moved into a Senior Software Architect role focusing on integration technologies.  In 2001 I designed and wrote a web service stack (iControl) on our Networking gear to allow management and monitoring of the devices from SOAP enabled languages.  I wrote and published the SDK for our set of web services (~3000 methods on our BIG-IP Application Delivery Platform).

Most recently, I've moved to more of an evangelism role as the Senior Strategic Architect focusing on integration technologies and the developer community I helped create (devcentral.f5.com).  DevCentral is closely approaching 40,000 users that are primarily Network IT and Application architects.  I am in charge of the software platform and do most of the development work on it along with video/audio podcasts - it's fun to be on a small lean team!

We have strong ties with the various departments at Microsoft and a few years back we had Jeffrey Snover over to look at some PowerShell functions I'd written on top of our iControl .NET assembly.  After that meeting I published a set of Cmdlets along with a more formalized interface into our .NET assembly from PowerShell.  I've written dozens of tech tips and articles on using PowerShell with iControl to help automate the deployment and management of applications on the network.  Somewhere along the way I came up with the "ABC" concept and have written three series: Networking ABC's, Social Media ABC's, and now PowerShell ABC's.”

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