Bonus Episode – The Missing Interviews

A Podcast about Windows PowerShell.

Today we have a special bonus podcast. We have three interviews for you.

-Justin Braun from Compellent

-PowerShell MVP Max Trinidad (from the MVP Summit)

-PowerShell team member James Brundage with a demo of WPK (from the MVP Summit)

Here’s some additional information from Justin’s interview


  • Worked as a TAM for Microsoft for a couple of years
  • Compellent just went public last year
  • SAN device with some unique maangement tools and features
  • Snapin connects via IP to SAN hardware, no middleware required
  • Snapin also connects to VDS service on remote SAN clients (windows servers)
  • rfoust : ## do you have management packs for OpsMgr?
  • glnsize : ## how hard was it sell your team on powershell?
  • rfoust : ## are you actively testing on ctp3?
  • glnsize : ## are you handling the partition offset… when your formatting the drive?
  • rfoust : ## did you say if you have a gui built on the cmdlets? or is your gui separated?
  • glnsize : ## what can’t you do with your cmdlets… what % coverage do you have with your cmdlets
  • rfoust : ## how many cmdlets are in the snapin?
  • glnsize : ## any providers to browes the san 
  • rfoust : ## will the snapin work with any other vendors hardware, or is it proprietary?

Our regular episode for this week should be up tomorrow. Enjoy! 





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