Episode 61 – Joe Pruitt from F5 and the ABCs of PowerShell


A Podcast about Windows PowerShell.

In This Episode

Tonight on the PowerScripting Podcast we talk with developer and blogger Joe Pruitt from F5 Networks.


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  • rfoust : ## what do you like the most about powershell?
  • glnsize : ## what's your opinion of WS-MGMT?
  • glnsize : ## how deep do you plan on going with your cmdlets?  what percentage of your product line do you want to cover?
  • ustreamer-61217 : ## will there be an update for v2?
  • glnsize : ##  doesn't that invalidate the whole perpose of SSL... not posh related but a pet peeve
  • jonwalz-1 : ## there is a memory improvement technique that uses ABC lists. Is that where you got the idea for your lists?



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Author : Vivek K.

"I have been listening to your postcast's and you guys are doing great job.
Here is something I want to share as a single liner 🙂
I have text file with the name text1.txt, text2.txt and so on..
I have always been renaming these files manually for long time and now with Power (PowerShell) in my hand I do this..
Get-ChildItem *.txt | Rename-Item -NewName { $_.name -replace 'text(d+)', '$1.text'}
HTH for all those who come across situations when you want to rename such files.. this is for files with name starting with "text".. I am working on making this script as general as possible."

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