Episode 63 – PowerShell MVP Brandon Shell


A Podcast about Windows PowerShell.

In This Episode

Tonight on the PowerScripting Podcast we talk to Brandon Shell about Active Directory support in PowerShell V2


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  • EBGreen on the PowerShellCommunity is trying to get a St. Louis Script Club together. If you are in his neck of the woods, get in touch!
  • PowerShell UG meeting on Mar26th
  • Congrats to Jeffrey Snover: Distinguished Engineer !
  • SDM Software has released version 1.3 of the GPMC cmdlets. Free download!
  • You can influence the PowerShell Cookbook V2
  • PowerShell in Action MEAP news:
    • "As with the first edition, the plan for this book is to be a definitive "details" book which means that it will continue to be a bit much for an "absolute beginner" but someone with scripting/programming experience should be fine. (Let me know if I'm getting it wrong.) And again, I will try to include the rationale behind why things are the way they are. I find that this type of elaboration really helps me become comfortable with a topic. Hopefully readers find it likewise helpful.

      As to what I'm covering, I expect to do a *lot* on modules as they have turned out to be rather more complex then I'd really like. Remoting is also an area that I expect to cover in depth (though I think our docs should be pretty good in this area as the writers got reasonable lead time on this stuff.) I'm also thinking it might be useful to cover some more advanced programmer-oriented topics like constrained runspaces and the new hosting APIs. I'll cover the new WMI stuff, the BITS cmdlets and WSMAN cmdlets and provider which are part of the core OS. What I don't plan to cover (at least not deeply) are a lot of the new server features that use PowerShell simply because each of these features (AD, IIS, the new Exchange stuff, etc.) will require a book on their own."




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  • glnsize : ## what do you think of the move to web services vs the traditional ADSI
  • rfoust: ## how flexible are the new cmdlets?
  • rfoust : ## think we will ever see true dynamic groups in AD? (i dont mean the fake app dynamic groups thing)
  • glnsize : ##do the official cmdlets fill the gaps that quest left out... forest fismo stuff?
  • cerobins : ## Is there a way to force AD replication? A quick look in the current stuff and coming AD cmdlets didn't tell me anything
  • rfoust : ## will quest cmdlets become irrelevant?
  • glnsize : ## will the new cmdlets work with 2k3?
  • rfoust : ## are the cmdlets just for querying/setting AD stuff, or is dcdiag, etc being rewritten?
  • aleksandar : ## what are the requirements for MS AD cmdlets?
  • rfoust : ## will the ad cmdlets run on 2003/xp?
  • glnsize : ## in yuor opinion is this exchange or IIS (you know what i mean)
  • rfoust : ## so you can't override defaults by setting something somewhere
  • rfoust : ## expected performance of these cmdlets vs. old utilities?
  • rfoust : ## i guess these cmdlets will work on DC's back to 2000? (hopefully nobody is still running 2000...but...)
  • mkline : ## 5 years down the road, where do you see those that havne't embraced powershell
  • rfoust : ## cmdlets will work cross-forest?
  • mkline : ## hopefully not OT, is the powershell university course from Sapien any good?
  • cerobins : http://blogs.msdn.com/adpowershell/archive/2009/02/25/ad-powershell-quick-start-guide.aspx
  • mkline : good quick video over at TechNet Edge on recychle bin http://edge.technet.com/Media/Active-Directory-Recycle-Bin 
  • rfoust : ## are ad cmdlets transactional?


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  • On StackOverflow there's a one-liner to list all COM objects on a system. This was sent in by Steve Murawski from Mind of Root.



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