Episode 66 – Scott Herold talks VESI and Vizioncore


A Podcast about Windows PowerShell.

In This Episode

Tonight on the PowerScripting Podcast we talk to Scott Herold about Vizioncore and VESI. We're also joined in studio by Scott Moss, VP of the Southeast Management User Group, a local friend, and fan of the show.


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Links mentioned in the interview 

  • rfoust : ## tell me about vOptimizer Pro.  Does it resize C: partitions if a D: is right behind it?
  • rfoust : ## what do you think about hyper-v - will it ever compete w/ vmware?
  • rfoust : ## will vOptimizer realign without taking downtime, or i guess it has to reboot, right?
  • ScottMoss : ## does vfoglight integrate with Microsoft Operations Manager?
  • rfoust : ## know of any good docs for deploying Exchange in vmware? Vmotioning a CCR cluster really isn't supported, huh? 🙂
  • spowser : ## Can the resize work the opposite way?  Go from small to large disk?
  • meson : ## How about XenServer?
  • rfoust : ## is vmware anywhere close to lpars?
  • spowser : ## Will Ecoshell be able to extendshrink disks or is that IP of Vizioncore?
  • cartershanklin : ## Do you think VESI will focus on an area, reporting for example?
  • cartershanklin : ## Are you embracing/extending the notion of PowerGUI lockdown?
  • cartershanklin : Maybe Scott can talk a bit about lockdown and why it matters.
  • cartershanklin : ## Will VESI support VMware Update Manager?


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