Episode 67 – Bob Bobel from Quest Software

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Tonight on the PowerScripting Podcast we talk to Bob Bobel about Quest’s Active Directory cmdlets. And stay tuned to the end of the show for a new contest!


When it comes to scripting, you’re a warrior. But mighty warriors need mighty tools!
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Links mentioned in the interview

  • JeffHicks : ##What can you tell us about what will happen with the free PowerShell cmdlets from Quest once Microsoft fully releases their AD solution.
  • rfoust : ## how do you see the world changing with the new web interface thingy in R2, what role will adsi continue to play?
  • ChadMiller : ##Do the cmdlets support local Windows groups
  • JeffHicks : ##How many developers are working on Powershell cmdlets?
  • aleksandar : ##How do you explain the popularity of powergui.org forums?
  • rfoust : ## working on anything for hyper-v?
  • rfoust : ## or vmware
  • JeffHicks : ##Who is the target enterprise for ARS?
  • JeffHicks : ##How do you think PowerShell v2 will change the free PowerShell cmdlets and/or PowerGUI?
  • JeffHicks : ##Do you define feature sets and requirements or just keep everyone on task?
  • BrianSt : ##Does Access Manager work with NetApp?
  • aleksandar : ##do you plan to make cmdlets that will cover AD topology management?
  • JeffHicks : ##is there a place to submit wish list requests?
  • meson : ## Does Quest have any plans for creating Activity Libraries for Citrix Workflow Studio for their cmdlets?  WIth the WFS SDK you can take cmdlets and convert them to Activity Libraries so they are available in WFS. I am wondering if they are even considering doing that or if they would have an issue with someone in the community doing it.
  • aleksandar : ##quest has forums and wiki, but can we expect proper bug tracking system?


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