Episode 75 – Poshcode with MVPs Joel Bennett and Oisin Grehan


A Podcast about Windows PowerShell.

In This Episode

Tonight on the PowerScripting Podcast we talk to PowerShell MVPs Joel Bennett and Oisin Grehan

When it comes to scripting, you’re a warrior. But mighty warriors need mighty tools!


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9:25 ChadMiller: ##Does the new poshcode fix the mulit-version thing
9:30 OsamaSajid: This was discussed a while back.. How many PowerShell MVPs are there? - 35
9:33 ChadMiller: ##Can you see script download stats
9:37 aleksandar: ## when do you plan to remove beta tag from poshcode.org 2.0?
9:51 aleksandar: ## PowerShellPlus and PowerGUI can search for scripts on poshcode.org. Will we have that feature in PowerShell ISE too?
9:56 glnsize-1: ## talk about the upcomming module support... can i use poshcode v2 as an svn for my v2 modules.  Could/should poshcode replace codplex as the goto for big powershell projects.
10:14 glnsize-1: ## will v2 have the 1500 line cap that v1 has today.
10:15 ChadMiller: ## Are snapins -- compiled cmdlets supported in new poshcode
  •     Oisin - Johnny Alpha
  •     Joel - Zorro

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