Up Next: Edward Haletky Talks About VMware


One of our favorite topics here at the PowerScripting Podcast is managing VMware products with PowerShell. This week, we’re tapping a new resource on the topic who has a very different background than Hal and Jon (HE LIKES LINUX) which should make for some interesting conversation. We hope you can make the show this Thursday July 16th @ 9pm EDT, broadcast live on Ustream, or available for download in all the usual ways just a few days later.

Here is a little bit about Edward (aka Texiwill on VMware Communities & Twitter):

Edward L. Haletky is the author of VMware vSphere(TM) and Virtual Infrastructure Security: Securing the Virtual Environment as well as VMWare ESX Server in the Enterprise: Planning and Securing Virtualization Servers. Edward owns AstroArch Consulting, Inc., providing virtualization, security, network consulting and development. Edward is also a guru and moderator for the VMware Communities Forums, providing answers to security and configuration questions, prolific blogger, and is working on new books on Virtualization.

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