Episode 85 – Lee Holmes talks about v2


A Podcast about Windows PowerShell.

In This Episode

Tonight on the PowerScripting Podcast we talk to author and developer Lee Holmes from the PowerShell team.


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  • glnsize: ## what is the provider story?  Where a couple years in now, where do providers work?
  • glnsize: ## wait we can use eventing to handle jobs... i thought this was limited to wmi
  • glnsize: ## what scope does the event scriptblock run in?
  • palen: ## do events get lost when the powershell.exe host is close?
  • aleksandar: ## can we get a blog post in the near future about the eventing in V2. it's new and very powerful feature, but most of the sysadmins are not very familiar with it
  • glnsize: ## where are these (ISE) extentions?
  • glnsize: ## with providers not your lane, but what do i have to do to get a skydrive provider?
  • spowser: ##Is Powershell ISE considered part of Powershell release cycle or can updates be released off-cycle?
  • glnsize: ##we're suppose to be migrating to powershell.... did I just hear that I should be using an NT cmd over a powershell core function
  • palen: ## Is it in the roadmap to make .ps1 scripts native logon/logoff scripts?
  • finked: ## What is the easiest way to list the events in the ISE that you can register for
  • glnsize: ##besides the registry where have transactions been implemented?
  • spowser: ##What kind of feedback have you got from other teams within Microsoft about V2?
  • glnsize: ## softball -> favorite feature of V2...hardball->feature you couldn't get in
  • glnsize: ## I think transactions are awesome, but I barley ever modify the registry
  • glnsize: ##is there a post that shows me how my advanced functions can support transactions?  how involoved is this
  • finked: ## Will transactions be in the new Cook Book? What is new in the vNext Cook Book?
  • glnsize: ## will there be a v 2.1 or will be have to wait till windows 8 for the next posh release... feel free not to answer 😉
  • glnsize: ##isn't [execution policy] -scope process a security hole?




  1. Get-Help New-Object -Parameter property
  2. $profile | fl * -Force
  3. (thx Powershell.com):
    Get-Process |
    where-Object {$_.mainWindowTitle} |
    format-table id,name,mainwindowtitle –AutoSize


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