Episode 86 – Jason Shirk from the PowerShell team


A Podcast about Windows PowerShell.

In This Episode

Tonight on the PowerScripting Podcast we talk to developer Jason Shirk from the PowerShell team.


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  • finked: ## what was your first scripting language?
  • palen: ## Did you spend much time on performance in the parser, or was that largely v1 kind of stuff?
  • glnsize: ## as a comment... I don't write anything without implementing cmdlet bindings
  • glnsize: ## ahhh there's cut and paste and your not typing this stuff at the console... keeping the parameters the same as c# allows me to easily translate code
  • finked: ## what other areas might get performance boosts in the future?
  • glnsize: ## what happened to runspaces, in ctp2 i could use runspaces... v2 switched to jobs and now I can't run scriptblocks locally in seperate runspaces.  rather i don't think i can...
  • palen: ## Wait, an API for the PowerShell tokenizer?




  • Watch out for trailing commas in your csv files


  1. function bg { Start-Job -ScriptBlock { $args } }

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