Episode 88 – James Brundage on the Windows 7 Resource Kit PowerPack


A Podcast about Windows PowerShell.

In This Episode

Tonight on the PowerScripting Podcast we talk to developer James Brundge from the PowerShell test team


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  • leksandar: ## why has he chosen .msi as diployment format?
  • Jaykul: ## Can there be a .zip for deployment too?
  • slipsec: ##Task schedular 2.0 only? or will it work on all my win2003 boxen?
  • aleksandar: ## first PowerShellPack video is up. how many have you recorded? one for every module?
  • aleksandar: ## could we run PowerShellPack modules on WinXP box with V2? or at least some of them?
  • AndrewTearle: ## if u get warning on win 7 as admin or user - where do you look ?
  • PowershellJedi: is there going to be a MSI for WindowsManagemet to help use deploy it thru out a network ???
  • meson-1: ## Can the community submit new scripts or corrections to be included in future releases?
  • PowershellJedi: ##Azure via Powershell?
  • juneb: RT ## can you ask James if he'll post an update to the powershell blog post with a workaround for folks with pscx problems?
  • aleksandar: ## why do scripts in PowerShellPack lack #requires -version 2 statement?
  • Jaykul: ## let's be clear, it's not "effectively" open source, it's *actually* open source.
  • Jaykul: ## apparently with a couple of exceptions?
  • Jaykul: ## Do you know off the top of your head what binary bits are in there that are exempted from the MS-PL license?
  • PowershellJedi: ## can you script the windows 7 background slide show on remote W7 computers

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