Episode 89 – PowerShell V2 Launch Party with Distinguished Engineer Jeffrey Snover

PowerScripting Podcast

A Podcast about Windows PowerShell.

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Tonight on the PowerScripting Podcast we talk to Microsoft Distinguished Engineer Jeffrey Snover about V2 release!

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  • Jaykul: ## When will WM be RTM so we can have PowerShell 2.0 and WinRM working on our pre-existing servers?
  • JeffHicks: ##What kind of feedback are you getting from big Microsoft customers?
  • dmoisan: ## Not addressed: What is the scenario for Exchange 2007 (and sbs08) machines with 1.0? Is there a upgrade path to v2?
  • PowershellJedi: ## What happened to Rename-Computer from CTP3
  • meson: ## Will it be available via WSUS?
  • glnsize: ## Is the explosion in powershell support throughout the ms stack a result of pressure from the community, or the common design criteria?
  • cerobins: ## I know several languages/shells influenced PS, did VMS DCL play any role? Something the other day struck me as DCLish
  • PenPerk: ## Very Important.. Does he still like the Vibram’s..
  • June: ISE, comment-based help
  • Darrin_Henshaw: ## Curious Jeff, what’s your favorite new feature in 2.0 RTM?
  • JeffHicks: ##Do you foresee any interim PowerShell releases or are we set until v3.0?
  • aleksandar: ## do you know when can we expect bruce’s powershell in action 2.0?
  • SCMcDonnell: ## When can we expect Visual Basic support? 😉
  • glnsize: ## how big is the team now?
  • ChadMiller: ##How closely do you work with product teams. Do you loan out folks to work with them
  • BrianSt: ## What is the uptake with 3rd parties
  • JeffHicks: ##Now that V2 it out the door, will you have resources to help the PASH project? Looks like they could need a jump start.
  • SCMcDonnell: ## Is there going to be a BizTalk 2009 Powershell SnapIn created by Microsoft?
  • glnsize: ## are providers limited to the file system and registry?
  • meson: ## Can we set up environments like this for OUR customers?
  • ScottMoss: ## does J Snover own any Jerry Garcia Ties?
  • rkeithhill: ## What’s the scoop on V2 eventing? What are the common scenarios that eventing addresses?
  • AaronHoover: ## Can you manage a remote W7 machine’s XP VM?
  • JeffHicks: ##Can you say anything about PowerShell on Server Core?
  • rkusak: ## what was it like to get powershell into the common engineering criteria at microsoft?
  • ChadMiller: ##How do I convince my data security folks to enable remoteing — Whitepapers?
  • ChadMiller: ##How do I convince internal devs to write PowerShell into in-house apps
  • ScottMoss: ## I still want to know if Snover has any Jerry Garcia Ties!
  • aleksandar: ## can we expect official portable version of PowerShell?
  • Cmdlet Creep
  • glnsize: ## is there any news in the wsmgmt 3rd party adoption?
  • finked: ## Any good PowerShell stuff coming up at PDC09?
  • meson: ## Why aren’t there more providers and is there anything that can be done to make them easier to create?
  • PowershellJedi: ## Where do [TypeAccelorators] fit in?
  • developer story
  • Firewalker96: ## PowerShell on Windows Mobile 7?
  • Firewalker96: is Sapien updating iPowerShell on the iPhone for v2?
  • PowershellJedi: ## What is Vpro
  • Urughak: ## Philly User Group
  • PenPerk: ## When is powershell going to replace some native functionality.. such as NetSH,DiskPart,etc..
  • iankoenig: ## Namespace ability for Powershell?
  • Urughak: right! ## t-shirts! where?
  • bsonposh: ## Future patching of Powershell… How will it happen?
  • juneb: ## Tell JSnover we need v2 t-shirts!


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