New Facebook Page!


We’ve long had a group on Facebook, but the funny thing about groups is that they are a real dead-end on Facebook, feature-wise. You can’t add applications like you can on your own profile, and there’s really not a lot you can do with them. The new cool on Facebook for the sort of thing that we really want to do is to create a page. We actually did that a while back also, but never really spent time on how or why to use them as opposed to groups. Not to mention that for some brilliant reason, you can’t convert a group to a page, so that means we have to start over.

Anyway, what’s done is done. We’ve got a real page now, and we hope that you’ll show your support by “becoming a fan”.

Just one of the benefits of using a page is that we can have the blog posts show up there, so if you happen to live on Facebook then it will be even easier for you to see what we have going on. I’m sure there’s lots of other cool stuff we can do as well.

This means the group is dead now, so please become a fan of our new page instead.

Link to PowerScripting Podcast page on Facebook:

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