PowerShell v2 Virtual Launch Party!


Please help spread the news as we have our own Windows 7 Launch Party—just for the part we care about. 🙂 There will be prizes given away to those that show up!

Please copy the below announcement into emails and blog posts, or share this link on Facebook or Twitter! Use the Twitter hashtag #PowerShellLaunchParty

Windows isn't just about the GUI. Starting with Windows 7, you have built-in access to PowerShell version 2, an object-oriented scripting language and command shell. Please join PowerScripting Podcast hosts Jonathan Walz and PowerShell MVP Hal Rottenberg as they interview Distinguished Engineer Jeffrey Snover on launch day! Jeffrey is the chief architect responsible for PowerShell at Microsoft, and he'll be covering what's new with the tool and why every system administrator on the planet needs to be using it. If you've never attended PowerScripting Live, you are missing out on a great time. The show will be streamed live via Ustream, and viewers can chat with each other, as well as submit questions for the guest.

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