Episode 96 – Scripting Guy Ed Wilson on PowerShell Best Practices


A Podcast about Windows PowerShell.

In This Episode

Tonight on the PowerScripting Podcast we talk to Ed Wilson, the Scripting Guy 


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  • ye110wbeard: ## Ed, when you got hired by Microsoft did you jump up and down like a madman yelling "yeeha" 
  • rfoust: ## what other scripting languages do you know and how do you think powershell compares?
  • jtruman0917-1: ## With Microsoft promising that all products after Outlook 2007 would have Powershell Support.  Why would a new automation lang even be a discussion?
  • pcgeek86: What happened to Greg and Jean?
  • rfoust: ## what's the coolest script you've seen and whats the coolest one you've written     
  • Jaykul: ## So if you don't exercise best practices when you write scripts ... where do these best practices come from?
  • [several asked if he would come to their user group]



Everybody got silly in the chatroom. So, let's channel that wild energy here with...beer cmdlets! 🙂 Note: these are not guaranteed to actually DO anything. YMMV, BYOB!

  • pcgeek86: Drink-Beer -Amount Lots 
  • ScottMoss: drink-beer -refill 
  • pcgeek86: Drink-Beer -Type GermanPilsner 
  • ScottMoss: drink-beer -Type Sweetwater Bule 
  • jtruman0917-1: Drink-beer -Type DoesItReallyMatter 
  • rfoust: get-beer | giveto-rfoust 
  • jkavanagh58: drink-beer -brand Yuengling -Type Porter -qty Lots 
  • rfoust: while ($true) { get-beer }

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