PowerScripting Podcast News


Hi folks! We just wanted to let you know that show 99 is coming up soon. We recorded the interview as usual last Thursday, but afterwards, Hal got paged and had to work late. We are trying to get together to finish the rest of the show and get things up on the website for you as soon as we can.

By the way, don’t forget to submit your tips for show 100! We are giving away copies of PrimalForms by SAPIEN!

Also, here’s a teaser of upcoming interviews (in semi-random order):

  • Quest talks about MobileShell and PowerGUI Pro
  • James talks about automating an XBox 360 with PowerShell. What!?
  • Keith & Oisin talk about PSCX v2 and designing cmdlets
  • Microsoft Deployment Toolkit 2010 (MS deployment team)
  • PowerShell v2 SDK (MS PowerShell team)
  • SharePoint 2010 (still looking for a great subject victim guest to cover this topic, let us know if you have someone in mind!)

As always, if you have feedback or ideas for the show, let us know via email or by leaving comments here!

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