We need your tips!

PowerScripting Podcast

Episode 100 is breathing down our necks and we want to do something a little bit different and fun to celebrate. That’s where you come in. We would like for you to send us your best/favorite PowerShell tips and tricks. If you can send us an audio file that would be fantastic. We would love to get your voice on the show. If you just want to email them to us that’s cool too. If you can send us a video (or a link to one) we will try and stream it during the live show as well as having the audio on the podcast. We know we have a crazy amount of expertise and creativity in our audience and this is a chance for you to share it.
Update: If creating an audio file isn’t convenient, you can also leave a voicemail at Hal’s Google Voice number: (678) 905-1173.

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