Episode 100 – Quest Mobileshell, PowerGui Pro and Your Tips


A Podcast about Windows PowerShell.

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Tonight on the PowerScripting Podcast we talk to Quest Software about Mobileshell and PowerGUI Pro


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  • http://powergui.org
  • MarcoShaw: ##Quest: Any plans to use the new PowerShell features in SharePoint2010?
  • Jaykul: ## Why doesn't PowerGUI "extend" Modules, instead of having a proprietary format?
  • Jaykul: ## Does MobileShell run all teh commands on my webserver, by default?
  • aleksandar: ## i would like to hear about mobileshell from the security point of view
  • ChadMiller: ##Internally is Quest looking to build managment tools based on Powershell. As example something like Capacity Manager could have been built on Powershell and GUI hosts Powershell
  • Jaykul: ## Is there any plan or possibility to have the webserver use MS-PSRP (PowerShell Remoting Protocol) to have the actual shell run ... well, somewhere that isn't my webserver?
  • aleksandar: ## is mobileshell supported in browsers other than IE?
  • aleksandar: ## how many concurrent sessions does the mobileshell support?
  • glnsize: ## is is also exposed as a web service?  The use case would be *nix host's that would benefit from a posh proxy. 
  • aleksandar: ## can i have a transcript of a session in mobileshell or any kind of a log of typed commands?

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