This Week: Jeff Hicks is Live in Studio!

We are pleased to be having Jeff Hicks live in the studio during tomorrow’s PowerScripting Podcast live stream on Ustream. Also note that we plan on starting a little bit early at 9pm.

This should be a great show. As many of you know, Jeff is the author of Managing Active Directory with Windows PowerShell: TFM®, and the co-author of Windows PowerShell v2.0: TFM, not to mention his monthly column in Redmond Magazine.

As always, we encourage you to show up for the live stream. You get to interact with the guest and your fellow listeners and everyone has a great time.

Date: 5/27/10

Time: 9:00 PM EDT


See you there!

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Since March 2007, Jonathan Walz has been the co-host and technical brains for the PowerScripting Podcast. Conceived as a radio show for the PowerShell community, the podcast is the longest-lived PowerShell show in existence, and has featured dozens of weekly guests.