Up Next: John Robbins talks about PowerShell for Developers and Debugging


I’m sure the dev side of the house is going to be excited because they already know who our next guest is—and the IT side needs to listen up because debugging is important for them too!

Here’s a bit about John from his website:

John Robbins is a cofounder of Wintellect, where he heads up the consulting and debugging services side of the business. He also travels the world teaching his Mastering .NET Debugging and Mastering Windows Debugging courses so that developers everywhere can learn the techniques he uses to solve the nastiest software problems known to man. As one of the world's recognized authorities on debugging, John takes an evil delight in finding and fixing impossible bugs in other people's programs.

John is based in Seattle, WA, where he lives with his wife, Pam, and the world-famous debugging cats, Chloe and Gracie. In addition to being the author of the books Debugging Microsoft .NET and Windows Applications (Microsoft Press 2003), Debugging Applications (Microsoft Press, 2000), and Debugging Microsoft .NET 2.0 Applications (Microsoft Press 2006), John is a contributing editor for MSDN Magazine, where he writes the Bugslayer column. He regularly speaks at conferences such as Devscovery, Tech-Ed, VSLive, and DevWeek.

Please join us live this week on Ustream! Thursday the 17th, 9:30 PM EDT as always!

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