Episode 117 – Bartek Bielawski Chats with Jeffrey Snover and Ed Wilson


A Podcast about Windows PowerShell.

In This Episode

Tonight on the PowerScripting Podcast we talk to Jeffrey Snover, Ed Wilson, and Bartek Bielawski, winner of the Scripting Games chat-with-Snover contest!


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  • < philiplavoie: ## when does cmd.exe die and we only have ps>?
  • < proxb: ## Its been asked about cmd.exe, so what about vbscript and its timeline? Are there plans to phase it out (or at least try to) sometime in the future?
  • < mikefoley: Hey Jeffrey! I'm trying desparately to evangelize PS at (my division of company recently mentioned). There's still vbscript development going on!!!
  • rfoust: ## do any of the large MS product teams have "political power" over the direction of powershell, like maybe the exchange group? or do you really get to innovate on your own?
  • ps4devs
    • < philiplavoie: ## is there work going on with the visual studio / tfs / alm teams going on for built a<censored>o be built with inherent ps> support?
    • < philiplavoie: ## hal, most of our probs are built apps via VS notbeing built for PS> interaction. may make sense to go to the crew who built the dev suite to help out the PS> cause.
  • < mikefoley: Question: How much did DCL influence Powershell? (Jeffrey knows DCL :))
  • < v3
    • < proxb: ## When might we see a CTP of Posh3.0 (if it is currently being worked on) and what new things will we see with it?
    • < rfoust: ## what can we look forward to in future versions of powershell? (general direction stuff)
    • < proxb: ## Are we going to see a newer version of ISE in the near future? Possibly using Intellisense and code folding?
  • < rfoust: ## i'm still waiting for the "fix-myproblem -now" cmdlet.
  • < finked: ## Any thoughts on LINQ and PowerShell?
  • Hal: Provisioning framework?
  • < ChadMiller: ##What are your thoughts on better module distribtution ala apt-get, CPAN/PPM.
  • < MaxTrinidad: Question:  Any possibility to see an PS addin or integration with MSOffice?
  • rfoust: ## is there a powershell compiler that will convert a script into a compiled .net program?
  • < SQLvariant-1: ##How do we get a ScriptingGuys bobble-head?
  • aleksandar: ## online PowerShell help topics are now very different (bugs/typos fixed) than built-in help topics. when can we get a chance to download them and use them offline as well? 
  • philiplavoie: ## are internal MS SDETS using PS> to test your apps?
  • SQLvariant: ##When will we be able to backup our Zune desktop software configurations with a PowerShell script 🙂

Superhero: Bartek - The Witcher

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