Episode 118 – James Hamilton and Thomas Lee on PowerShell Use in the Hotmail Team


A Podcast about Windows PowerShell.

In This Episode

Tonight on the PowerScripting Podcast we talk to James Hamilton of Microsoft and MVP Thomas Lee about using PowerShell on the Hotmail Team.


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  • SQLvariant: ##What's left of Windows Live now that Bing is out?
  • AaronHoover: ## chimed in a bit late and the Linux comment, but what % of management is done with PowerShell now?
  • esarakaitis: ##we have over 3,000 vm's we manage via powershell, we find that cmd-lets take too much time as compared to direct API calls, how do you handle it?
  • philiplavoie: ## will there be a powershell command line tool such as googleCL for hotmail/live mail done in powershell for us users? i.e http://code.google.com/p/googlecl/
  • pcgeek86: ## Do they use code signing certificates to sign all their scripts?
  • SQLvariant: ## Does the Hotmail team go beyond using PowerShell to just script?  Do they make interfaces that have PowerShell underneath like SCVMM?
  • AaronHoover: ## primarily monitor with WMI, or more?
  • SQLvariant: ##Does the team build any internal GUI tools that are built via PowerShell and/or have PowerShell underneath
  • esarakaitis: ##do you use service accounts? if so, how do you manage passwords with your powershell scripts?
  • AaronHoover: ##piggybacking on esarakaitis ? --- Do you usse 2k8 MSA accounts for service passwords?
  • SQLvariant: ##Can you expand on the "Visualization through HTML."
  • philiplavoie: ## do they use powershell for any automated testing of new depoys / releases? load tests, scalability, failover, etc?
  • glnsize: ## was the switch to powershell a directive, or was it natural.
  • SQLvariant: @bj11 ## doe you use PowerShell in any of those XML generation tasks or rendering steps?
  • glnsize: ## when can I expect to see a hotmail provider 🙂
  • SQLvariant: @bj11 ##can you speak to any chalenges in working with large amounts of XML with PowerShell.  Do you run the scripts to gather from your desktops or a big server?
  • esarakaitis: ##what complications have you encountered using powershell? i know using a code repository was a stumbling block for us
  • glnsize: ## given your scale what's your opinion on v2 remoting.  have you used it and how has it performed for you...  (arrived late sorry if already covered)
  • SQLvariant: ##any best practices he wants to mention when dealing / parsing large amounts of XML?
  • esarakaitis: ##whats your favorite PS editor? (please say notepad++)
  • AaronHoover: ## is the WMI the primary way of gathering data?
  • esarakaitis: ##any hot PS profile tips?
  • esarakaitis: ##do you find yourself using built in cmd-lets or writing custom functions, etc..
  • philiplavoie: ## what limitations have you guys found with PS> where you've just needed to go another route?
  • AaronHoover: ## earlier there was a comment of *only* about 200 servers at a time, why not more?
  • Toshana: ## Are you using the readily available cmdlets, or custom written cmdlets or imported .net assemblies 
  • AaronHoover: ## thoughts to 'sell' ITIL when the org 'looked' at it and believe it is not for us?
  • SQLvariant: ##Bank of America had a comercial stating that they had *at leat* 4 data centers staffed and capable of running the whole company at any given time...
  • SQLvariant: ##How do you go about managing whose controlling what with which script in a scenario like that?

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