Episode 122 – Don Jones Scripting Editor Shoot-Out


A Podcast about Windows PowerShell.

In This Episode

Tonight on the PowerScripting Podcast we talk to Don Jones about script editors, and more!


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Comments from the Chatroom...about script editors

21:42 <meson> +1 PS+
21:42 <brwilkinson> I love ISE.

21:42 <SQLvariant> ##I just use the ISE all the time

21:42 <SQLvariant> ##In fact I make it a point to NEVER demo the console unless I'm saying something bad about it
21:44 <SQLvariant> ## I really like PowerShell Plus but because I blog so much with screen shots I use IDE
21:44 <pcgeek86> I just started using the Copy-as-HTML feature in PowerGUI .... very convenient for blogging
21:45 <pcgeek86> I love the idea of VSX -- visual studio integration = sexy
21:46 <pcgeek86> @SQLvariant: You're calling Visual Studio a piece of crap???
21:46 <SQLvariant> no <censored>

21:47 <glnsize> ISE 90% of the time.. when it's a big project I use primalscript

21:47 <SQLvariant> crap is not effective enough of a term for VS

Talking about the perception of PowerShell...

21:54 <pcgeek86> if it weren't for the modules that the "super-devs" write, non-scripting admins would get very little work done me thinks
21:54 <brwilkinson> I agree with Don. PowerShell is really easy to learn. If it gets a bad name and people things its hard they will be put off.
21:55 <brwilkinson> its hard enough already to encourage people to change from what they know now e.g. vbscript and move on to learn a new more powerful, easier to read language.
21:57 <brwilkinson> get-command, get-help, get-member goes a long way.
21:58 <SQLvariant> ## How do you "Get-Type" to find out the datatype that a parameter accepts.
21:59 <brwilkinson> @sqlvariant  | get-member or ($object).gettype()

Talking about programming a GUI application

22:04 <glnsize> i don't like the gui stuff, but I'm in the minority.
22:04 <meson> gui is good when I need to give scripts to non-scripters.

22:06 <glnsize> i would rather see better parameter binding, and more pipeline support.  Just like HTA before we'll have alot of pretty front ends running crap code, but again I'm in the minority.

The evils of Foreach-Object

22:07 <brwilkinson> Don did you say you dont like for ForEach-Object?

22:10 <pcgeek86> it was designed to bridge a gap between designers and developers
22:11 <SQLvariant> it's the SQL Server equivalent of a cursor

Books vs other training methods

22:16 <SQLvariant> ## Did you guys notice that PoSh In Action is one of the Top 10 selling Manning books of all time?
22:16 <SQLvariant> Of All Time.  20 years
22:17 <glnsize> you need topic specific blog posts... books are hard with posh.
22:18 <pcgeek86> still rely on books
22:18 <meson> not as much

22:19 <glnsize> I buy books because I know/like the authors.  I read a blog when I need to fix something

22:19 <otherjim> I still buy books when I want a deep dive into a topic.
22:20 <jasonmarcher> websites, stackoverflow, forums, IRC
22:21 <halr9000> I'm with otherjim 
22:22 <halr9000> but if i buy a book and it's not deep, i'm kinda pissed

22:39 <glnsize> the james bond of powershell

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