Contest Starts Now! Win a Free PowerShell Book!


Well, technically, it started last Thursday, but there’s still plenty of time to win! In case you missed the live show, or haven’t listened to the last recorded episode, here’s who/what/where/when/why:

If you would like to be entered to win a copy of Lee Holmes’ PowerShell Cookbook, 2nd Ed., all you have to do is send in your PowerShell tips! We want to hear what YOU think is cool, or what you have in your profile, or some of your favorite one-liners! Send in your entries to [email protected], and tell a friend! We have FIVE copies to give away. Contest ends September 30th, or October 7th, depending on our mood and the wind speed when we next record the show.

P.S. Thanks to @OreillyMedia for the books, tell ‘em we sent ya!

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