Episode 128 – Kirk Munro from Quest on the 2010 PowerPack Challenge

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Tonight on the PowerScripting Podcast, we talk to Kirk Munro from Quest Software about PowerGUI Pro and the 2010 PowerPack Challenge! 


Execute commands and scripts from anywhere including the office and remote locations, as well as from a Web browser or smart phone with PowerGUI Pro from Quest Software. With the MobileShell feature, administrators can quickly run commands to troubleshoot problems or make changes, even when away from your desk! This gives teams more flexibility to work remotely while traveling, and to leverage admins from other offices in case of an emergency.
·         Execute queries remotely to determine if services or processes are running
·         Restart services, processes, or entire servers
·         Check mailbox settings
·         Unlock user accounts
·         Reset passwords
·         Run custom scripts
Visit quest.com/powerguipro and see why PowerShell and Quest PowerGUI are the ultimate Windows management tools.



Our interview is brought to you by SAPIEN Technologies, makers of PrimalScript and PrimalForms.

Chatroom Buzz

  • <cruz_daniel> Can the version control features in PowerGUI Pro help keep a consistent scripting environment from multiple places? Home, Work, Laptop etc.

Hero - Taskmaster


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  • Carl writes to the podcast:
    • for (;;){Sleep -s 5; netstat -an | ss “TIME_WAIT” | ss “:443” | mo -line}
  • Aaron H writes to the podcast:
    • Use Start-Transcript in your profile and have it write to a network share with your username, date, etc. in the filename.
    • Use Write-Verbose to comment a script
    • Grab a user logged on by grabbing the username of the explorer.exe process.
  • Greg reminds us that both the forward and backwards slash will work as path separators
  • Gregg-with-two-G’s says to go to SQL Saturday!
  • Ken says:
    • You can find lots of goodies in Twitter, especially by following Hal & Jon, as well as @alexandair/powershellmvp
    • get-help * | %{get-help $_.name -full >”c:posh$($_.name).txt”}
  • Jan has some tips for how to create graphs using visifire and PowerShell

Thanks to everyone who entered! Congratulations to our winners who receive a copy of Lee Holmes PowerShell Cookbook, 2nd. Ed.! The winners are:

  • Bud P.
  • Aaron H
  • Ken M.
  • Carl P.

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