Episode 129 – Security Ninja Dave Kennedy


A Podcast about Windows PowerShell.

In This Episode

Tonight on the PowerScripting Podcast, we talk to security ninja Dave Kennedy about ethical hacking using PowerShell.


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Chatroom Buzz

  • <AaronHoover> ## favorite linux distros?
    • Backtrack/ubuntu
  • <toenuff> ## Scripting language/Programming language history
    • Python
  • <c0gito_ergo_sum> ## how about how SET came to be?
  • <c0gito_ergo_sum> ### what did you develope for backtrack?
  • <stuwee-1> Q: how simular do you see python and psh?
  • <infosec208> ## this sounds like a n00b question probably, but has dave used python 3 or stuck with python 2.x? i've struggled with the ctypes he mentioned with 3.x.
  • <stuwee-1> Q: do you use psh automation scripts to do system tests?
  • <AaronHoover> ## would you say most networks are turtle shells?
  • <AaronHoover> ## thoughts on Certified Ethical Hacker cert?
  • <c0gito_ergo_sum> ### great description on what the tool is and some backround on it but did you just say one day "hey i want to be able to do something like this automaticaly" or was it someone who wanted the tool?
  • <PenPerk> CISSP = if you didn't know how to secure a machine before the cert.. you still don't after..
  • <AaronHoover> ## best ways to sell security to decision makers? Opportunity cost?  Disaster scenarios?
  • <infosec208> ## how has dave used powershell in a test? i have not listened to his defcon talk. i can see where powershell can be handy since it's almost on every server. like wmi via powershell?
  • <stuwee-1> Q: is a recorded session or powerpoint slides available for posting in the notes from his defcon session
  • <toenuff> ## Have you looked at attacking winrm or did you play with remoting at all?
  • <Toshana> ##By a weak SA password are describing a brute force attack on the SA, to the SMO?
  • <AaronHoover> ## how often do new security tools come out? Or are there more updates to existing tools?
  • <stuwee-1> Q: How often is he using psh for testing?
  • <phat32> ## Q what resouces has Dave used to learn more about powershell scripting and how to use it? 
  • <AaronHoover-1> ## how 'powerful' is PS compared to linux/bash?
  • <toenuff> ## What did you not like in PowerShell when learning it?
  • <PenPerk> ## What would you do to secure powershell from people like you?
  • <toenuff> ## He's mentioned execution restriction policy twice... what makes them so weak?
  • <phat32> but flash can't see through....walls

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