Episode 134 – Trevor Sullivan on WMI Events in PowerShell


A Podcast about Windows PowerShell.

In This Episode

Tonight on the PowerScripting Podcast, we talk to Trevor Sullivan about working with WMI events in PowerShell



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Chatroom Buzz:

  • <shanehoey> ## so can we set up events on things like usb pen plugged in ?
  • <ravikanthc> Can I use ActiveScript consumer to wrap PowerShell in VBScript? Is that impelemented..?
  • <ravikanthc> can we reuse filters? i mean, can we use the same filter for multiple bindings?
  • <ravikanthc> ## when can we see a functional command-line consumer?
  • <ScriptingWife> ## new subject. ASk him about his guest blog for HSg next week. something about dynamic method invocation
  • <Poshoholic> ## When are you going to integrate the module with PowerGUI?
  • <ravikanthc> ## or may be a nice GUI to list and bind filters/consumers..!
  • <SQLvariant> ##When a mount point suddenly disconnects without warning?
Hero/Ability: Shoot lightning from hands

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From time to time I pick up new small but powerful features in PowerShell, here is a handy one:
Did you know you can use wildcards in combination with tab-completion? Both with verbs and nouns? A few examples:
rec*-j* <tab> resolves to Receive-Job
set-*quick* <tab> resolves to Set-WSManQuickConfig
*-*computer*<tab> resolves to Add-Computer. Cycle through <tab> several times and you can see all cmdlets with “computer” in it`s noun.
Handy when you remember just parts of the cmdlet-name, typing a hard-to-spell cmdlet name…or even just being lazy  
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