RIP–Andrew Tearle, the Oldest PowerSheller of Them All!


Andrew was one of our favorite listeners of the PowerScripting Podcast (and the first one to send feedback to the show), and we are sad to say his death was reported on his Twitter account yesterday:

We are sad to tell you, Andy "the most passionate Powersheller" passed away on 12th Jan 2011, and wanted us to say goodbye to you

That was very sweet that his family left that message to his online friends.
Here is a picture of Andrew and his wife, Sheila Rose, enjoying a drink in their garden in New Zealand.
Here’s a snippet from an email Andrew sent to the show some time back:

Sheila Rose has zero interest in computers but has grown familiar with anything PowerShell. She enjoys listening to the podcasts each week and to the songs of Sean. Naturally she is also aware of Staci and Morgan and mentions of your families: our last 20 years have been very family-oriented, the Maori of New Zealand [Aotearoa] would refer to it as whanau ( 'far-now' ) - the sense of family amongst generations, etc. In truth, All is Family.
And the Garden. And PowerShell.
I opened the first retail computer store in New Zealand back in 1981 "The Byte Shop" on Fort Street adjacent to the main street of the city Queen Street in Auckland. From 1985 onwards I left commerce and concentrated on family. Thus I have been out of the industry far longer than ever I was in it. Nonetheless I followed Windows 3.1 > Windows 95 > Windows XP > Windows Vista ... and from my initial exposure to hyperlinks, in "IZE" from Persoft in Wisconsin, thru' the web > FrontPage and Borland Objects, Borland Delphi, JADE to PowerShell in January 2007 ...
Now I have almost everything published on PowerShell and eagerly await William Stanek's new PowerShell V 2.00 on its way from Amazon.

Andrew, you will be missed!
-hal & jon

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