PowerScripting Podcast News


Hi everyone. We just wanted to let you know what our show schedule will be like for the next couple of weeks. There won’t be a live show this week or next (2/24, 3/3). However—we will be releasing shows! Hal will be at the Microsoft MVP Summit next week and will be bringing recording gear. Yes, that’s right, Hal and a bunch of other like-minded geeks in the same room talking about PowerShell.

No absolute promises on timetable or topics, but at the very least, we hope to record:

  • Interview with Oisin Grehan (and maybe others) to talk about PowerShell & NuGet
  • Perhaps a PowerShell v2 SDK deep dive
  • MVP roundtable (this is the easy one!)

Watch the website, rss, and Twitter IDs @halr9000, @jonwalz, and @powerscripting for the latest!

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