Episode 141 – The PowerShell Deep Dive Conference with Jeffrey Snover and Kenneth Hansen


A Podcast about Windows PowerShell.

In This Episode

Tonight on the PowerScripting Podcast, we talk to Jeffrey Snover and Kenneth Hansen about The PowerShell Deep Dive Conference


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Chatroom Buzz:

<JefferyHicks> ##How many people are working on PowerShell?
<MarkDW> ## is there anything more you can tell us about V3? Progress/Status/timeline, new features, etc.
21:41 <ChadMiller> #why not release /w .NET releases like the other programming languages?
21:42 <RavikanthChaganti> ##so, when is next version of Windows coming? 😛
21:42 <JefferyHicks> ##Any plans for enterprise level case studies on PowerShell adoption?
21:42 <adamdriscoll> #Why was it not a language natively available in Visual Studio
21:43 <Jaykul> ##Is there any reason the ISE couldn't be decoupled from PowerShell versions?
21:48 <RavikanthChaganti> ## Is there a module marketplace (or something like that) coming up for PowerShell? and any plans for module validation/certification?

21:49 <lizaoreo> ## What about adding Intellisense to the ISE?
21:54 <MarkDW> ## will there be an RC for V3 like you did for V2?

21:54 <mkline> Are there going to be "regular" powershell sessions at TEC 2011 that are not part of the deep dive
21:55 <JefferyHicks> ##are there any plans to help the PASH initiative or is the ball in their court?
22:01 <BartekB> ## Any plans for DeepDive with team members in Europe this year?

22:01 <MarkDW> ##Any plans for a text editor feature like edit or vi? 

22:01 <Poshoholic> ## It would be wonderful if the PowerShell Team members could share the scripts that they use day to day without necessarily putting them through a huge process for testing, quality, etc.


22:12 <JefferyHicks> ##have all the sessions been picked and if so are they psoted?

22:16 <Toshana-1> ##Is thre going to be any round table type events, or just presentations.
22:16 <BartekB> ## Is it going to be recorded and posted like TechEd sesstions?

22:16 <bbnetman> ## does anyone know or can take an estimated guess of the powershell user base at this point?


22:16 <toenuff> ## What is the coolest thing you've seen done with PowerShell over the years?
Superhero: Kenneth - Superman

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